首次購物,免費快速配送 | 致電妳的時尚造型師: 852 8191 1361
成功邀請好友訂單,同時獲得 HKD $300 購物券
成功邀請好友訂單,同時獲得 HKD $300 購物券
Startup Offers Up-market Fashion from Runway to Wardrobe
Traditionally, fashion buyers kind of dictate what we wear. Take the winter collection, for example. Major fashion shows are held in big centers such as New York, Milan and Paris in February each year.
Professional buyers place orders based on their experience, expectations or hunches about what the public would like. But new releases won’t hit stores until four months later. The problem is, you never get to see designs professional buyers assume you won’t like. Or, there may not be enough of them for your size. LuxTNT wants to change that with a pre-order model.
成功女性魅力 Women in Power
Italian Vogue 's China Special Issue is featuring Bobo Rok as the only fashion-tech entrepreneur in China.
'It’s a well balanced mix between commercial brands and independent designers selected according to my personal taste. Established and well-known labels sell very well, and young designers are unconventional and talented – it’s part of my mission to promote them and give them space. I go to Fashion Weeks, talk to them in person and look at their collection. When I’m in love with their creations then I add them to our list of designers.' - Bobo Rok
Lease and like: Why access is better than ownership
Bobo Rok was inspired to start Luxury Tonight, better known as LuxTNT, when her friends repeatedly asked to borrow her clothes for weddings and other special occasions.
LuxTNT.com Challenges Fast-fashion with Fashion item Rentals
With so much fast fashion brand clothes being produced every day, they can’t guarantee an item’s longevity. “Fast fashion brand clothes are relatively affordable but do not offer the best quality,” LuxTNT.com CEO Bobo Rok said. “It’s the customer’s decision whether to buy lower price clothes and simply throw away or to purchase high quality items and wear it for longer duration.
Now, China’s fashionistas on a budget have a new option that involves more selection and less worry about getting stuck with an overpriced fake: luxury rentals from LuxTNT, a new site that gives them the opportunity to pay around US$25 to carry a real $5,000 Chanel handbag or wear a $950 Alexander McQueen dress for a limited period of time.
Last year Rosemary Vandenbroucke launched a luxury fashion rental service, LuxTNT.

Jess: What’s your one-year mini goal? And where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Rose: I want to continue working on Lux TNT. It’s an online luxury delivery rental service and it’s doing really well. We plan to expand our offices to other Asian cities such as Jakarta.
Rosemary becomes the cover girl of Galaxy Magazine.
The Economist: Marques for millennials
This is a big change from the traditional model of presenting fashion in which designs are conceived at the top, handed down to journalists and buyers at fashion-week set-pieces and pop up in the shops four or five months later. Technology has narrowed the distance between designers and consumers and sparked a conversation. LuxTNT a Hong Kong start up has it own answers.
【LuxTNT x Uber宠爱你】当场换装实现你的公主梦
明天就是“双十一”了,疯狂购物之外,也别忘了它的另一个身份—单身节。于是,UBER 在上海地区携手时尚网站 LuxTNT 推出了一项特别的快闪活动 Fashion Limo。明天上午十一点开始,一辆悍马加长版将载着专业造型师和一整车厢华服在上海市区出没,通过 App 上的“FASHION LIMO”选项,女生可以找到并召唤在附近的悍马,它将迎接你上车。在造型师的专业建议下完成换装,之后,就能华丽丽地去参加晚上的单身派对了。
Affordable LUXURY
What I love most about LuxTNT is that they're eco without even trying! Instead of buying the season's hot "it bag", you can rent couture bags and accessories for a mere fraction of the cost. This means you can always have the latest must-have trends without sending most fashion to landfill (or the back of your closet to gather dust) each season.
Sassy Pink Hour 2014
Thanks, LuxTNT.com, for lending us the awesome designer swag for tonight's #SassyPinkHour. Come join us at Palm Court at Langham Hotel, Hong Kong from 7-9pm tonight for drinks, canapés, beauty booths and raffle prizes. See you there!

Our LuxTNT.com bags just waiting to be clutched. Thanks for sponsoring our gorgeous accessories! — at Palm Court at Langham Hotel.
该公司创始人是Bobo Rok和Tim Kau,LuxTNT是一家服装租赁初创公司,也可以算是Rent the Runway的中国版。他们允许用户在购买之前可以先试穿,或是直接把服装租穿一段时间。
让租借变得更快速安全,Mootch 租用平台
像 Mootch 这种涵盖面较广的租用平台并不常见,类似的租用类网站也主要专注于奢侈品,其中较为出名的有 LuxTNT。相较于 Mootch 而言较,LuxTNT 更为专注。它们最大的差别在于出租者这个角色由谁扮演。对于 LuxTNT 而言,它本身就是出租者,而对于 Mootch 而言它的出租者是用户,打一个比方 LuxTNT 更像是京东而 Mootch 更像是淘宝。前文提及的 Mootch 现有解决方案与 LuxTNT 通过租用时需要用信用卡进行担保,在归还时才真正扣款这种方式有相同之处。
Bold and Beautiful 虹萱 Rosemary Vandenbroucke
14歲開始模特兒生涯的Rosemary,現年32歲,模特兒這個角色已佔去了她超過一半的人生,誇張點說,她走的天路可能長過你我走的路。人總是不安於現狀的,同一件事做就了,就想來一些新創意。“我一直生活在時尚圈,接觸到很多時尚潮流,亦很想嘗試到一些新鮮的事,所以當我的拍檔Bobo Rok提議這個生意時,我立即為之實行。”她口中的新鮮事就是香港首個租賃高級手袋網站LuxTNT.com.名稱由來直接,就是『Luxury Tonight』,意指讓人感受奢華的一晚.
LuxTNT – luxury accessories rental delivered straight to your door
But, before we relegate that fantasy to the draw labeled fairytales and chocolate éclairs that make you skinny, perhaps it’s time I introduce you to our fashion fairy Godmother. Step up LuxTNT – the answer to all our perfect accessory prayers.
5个租赁网站 让你过足奢侈品瘾
Luxury Crackdown Spurs Fashion Rentals in China
Buying luxury in China is fast becoming a hunting ground for the bargain hunters. The ENORMOUS appetite remains, yet the internet is muscling in on the high street with heavy discounts. And if you don't want to BUY, you can RENT at a fraction of the price.
Model and Business Woman … Rosemary Vandenbrouke
Rosemary Vandenbrouke is a model and cofounder of luxtnt.com, an online luxury rental and delivery service. An ambitious business woman with an adventurous streak, the Head of Marketing for Lux TnT tells Turf what a day in her shoes is like.
網絡新生活:租用dream bag
概念源自歐美的LuxTNT.com,打正旗號提供手袋租用服務,每款手袋都清楚列出借用價錢,顧客可分別選擇3 天(即3日兩夜)、7 天或30 天。只要在需要手袋前的一天在網上預訂,透過信用卡付款,網站就會安排免費速遞運送,還袋日再有專人上門收袋,整個過程都可以足不出戶。
很想試!租用Chanel Vintage 珠寶
數月下來,LuxTNT.com提供的款式來愈多,創辦人之一原來有大家都熟悉的Rosemary份,而近來的焦點,是跟本地珠寶店The 9th Muse合作,帶來一系列Vintage 設計師珠寶,當中包括Givenchy、Christian Dior,還有不論新貨或vintage item 都備受吹捧的Chanel...
二三百蚊租用Chanel Vintage
有時見到Runway上的得意飾品又或Chanel / Givenchy的Vintage Accessories都覺得好美! 不過動輒都一萬幾千,想去Party用下又或作Pre-wedding婚照的Props,不如考慮租! 由Rosemary發起的網站,租Chanel Vintage都是二三百蚊起!
LuxTNT.com 名牌手袋租借
Luxury 6 high-tech concepts to hack (or forget)
(In French) For Hong Kong Bobo Rok and Tim Kau, this is not a problem, quite the contrary. They launched Luxtnt.com a year ago, a site that offers handbags, shoes or hats designer for ... twenty euros an evening.
Website that rents luxury accessories takes off in Hong Kong
If your glamour budget doesn't stretch to the tens of thousands, a site that rents high-end accessories might be right up your street.
Marketing and the sharing economy: Get smart before someone else does
A service such as Hong Kong’s LuxTNT.com, for instance, still gives you access to high-end designer handbags that let you stand out—but you rent them for 3, 7, or 30 days instead of buying and owning them.
How the internet is democratizing luxury
Founded by Bobo Rok and Tim Kau, LuxTNT is the Chinese version of Rent the Runway – a clothing rental startup that enables customers to try on dresses before they buy or rent them for a period of time needed.
M24: The Entrepreneurs - Edition 143
We attend Hackers on the Runway in Paris to discover how luxury industries can adapt to the digital era...
Money Magazine on TVB Pearl
Interview with our founder Bobo Rok as well as an insider's look into our office environment and going behind the scenes of our product photoshoot with Rosemary.
租手袋網站開業大受歡迎 Rosemary與意大利品牌合作
...that while many in fashion-crazy Hong Kong still only go for status-laden fashion items, the trend is changing. More and more, there exists a style-conscious population that wants to have fun, try out new fashion quickly and in a modern way.

This is the core of LuxTNT.com – the ability to try out new fashion items and take them home if you enjoy them.
LuxTNT founders to speak at digital luxury conference in Paris
Hackers on the Runway Conference is an exclusive one day and a half event taking place on July 1st and 2nd 2014, in exceptional venues in Paris. This new global conference asks one key question: How can luxury thrive in the digital age?
To find answers, Hackers on the Runway Conference invites the most inspiring keynote speakers from the luxury, digital, innovation and retail sides of the business. The conference addresses digital leaders, luxury disruptors, designers, and suppliers to the global luxury industry, startups and investors.
主要提供晚宴手袋租借服務, 除了部分熱租款式只有三日和七日租期,其他款式都提供三日,七日和三十日的租期。在網上揀了款式付上租金,就有專人將手袋送上,而租用期限到時,亦有專人會前來收回手袋,全部免費非常方便周到。
Happenings: LuxTNT Hong Kong's Designer Bag Rental Platform
"Lusting for that new designer handbag but don’t want to pay full price for it? Well then newly launched handbag rental platform, LuxTNT has the answer. LuxTNT offers designer bags to rent from Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, Fendi and lots more at a fraction of the price via their website, so you can save your money for something else."
#5 LuxTNT.com
Fashionable clothing often calls for a hip handbag, but those things can be insanely expensive. The idea behind LuxTNT is that you can rent couture bags – from brands like Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and Jason Wu (the Taiwanese fashion designer famous for being a favorite of Michelle Obama) – for a period of three, seven, or thirty days.

Read more: 14 online fashion stores, from cheap to couture, for Hong Kong shoppers http://www.techinasia.com/list-online-fashion-stores-for-hong-kong-asia/
People Watching People
"COS stripey tee, Alexander McQueen leather jacket, Zara pants, Nike Inneva Woven Free sneakers, Proenza Schouler PS1 Crowd Print from LuxTNT.com -"
10 Hong Kong E-Commerce Startups You Should Know
For those with a penchant for designer handbags but can’t afford the pricetag, LuxTNT steps in. As a rental hand-bag platform, LuxTNT users choose from a variety of handbags on their website, place an order and the bag gets shipped out. LuxTNT members have the option to rent bags from 3-30 days."
best bet: luxtnt
"For anyone living in the fast-paced city of Hong Kong, with fashion changing at a speed knots, look no further than Hong Kong-based LuxTNT. Founded by three friends, Bobo, Rosemary and Tim, LuxTNT (a shortened version of Luxury Tonight) is an online luxury fashion rental platform which fulfils the trio’s dream to share their love of luxury fashion, making it easily accessible to everyone. LuxTNT allows customers to rent authentic designer bags for a small fee (rental periods range from three days to a month) and the site boasts a selection of 100% authentic designer handbags. "
"先跟大家說句抱歉 (這個好像是最近很常出現的開場白......?),這幾天都忙著去玩所以這邊就沒有更新了。(非常直白!XD) 這次就為大家介紹我最近發現覺得蠻值得介紹的網站 「LuxTNT.com」"。而這家「LuxTNT.com」則是我最近發現也有在做這種名牌手袋租借服務的網站,最先吸引到我的是他們竟然有最新的那個連專門店都售罄的 CHANEL No.5 香水瓶 Clutch 可以租借!!還有很多我也蠻喜歡的大牌譬如說 Alexander McQueen、Christian Louboutin、Proenza Schouler 等等。保證全部都是正品!
The shopper: rent a slice of luxury at LuxTNT.com
"Renting luxury brand handbags is already a big business in the West, so it was only a matter of time before the craze hit Hong Kong. LuxTNT.com (it stands for Luxury Tonight) is aimed at fashionistas who want to look the part and update their accessories wardrobe, without spending the big bucks."
HK Magazine - The List
"Hong Kong's first luxury goods rental service ... has arrived. LuxTNT.com offers designer handbags for nightly or weekly rentals, up to 90% off of the retail price."
CoCoonian Story: Bobo Rok, Timothy Kau and LuxTNT.com
“LuxTNT.com is not just a website for rental services. We also aspire to provide a fun social experience with multiple features on the website where customers can share their experiences and outfits. We have also invited some influential fashion bloggers to offer their advice on outfits and fashion. LuxTNT.com is a home for sharing and exchanging outfits, stories and advice.”
Ayumi Hamasaki at Buddha 2 Premiere
International sensation, Ayumi Hamasaki, styled by the incredible Alvin Goh, sports a vintage Judith Leiber to her movie premiere in Paris.
Cindiddy + LuxTNT.com
"My main bag for niseko. The #ProenzaSchouler Crowd print #PS1 from @luxtnt"
- Cindiddy
(Top HK
Fashion blogger)
Rosemary網上出租 蓄勢袋發
They're some of the most successful startups in the world.
They come for a reason
Vine attended, so did Stripe. As did Waze. Did we mention Coursera? What about Uber? These are the type of CEO's who don't take holidays. They come for a reason. They dreamt big, and now they are. They've always been hungry to meet potential partners, board members, investors, journalists and more. What about you?
A chat with LuxTNT Co-Founder & Fashionista Bobo
Entrepreneur and Fashionista, Bobo Rok has brought a simple but interesting service to Hong Kong, called LuxTNT.com – a handbag rental service that will help the likes of fashionistas and handbag lovers alike have access to some of the most coveted handbags and accessories at half the price tag. LuxTNT.com is a seamless site featuring some of the latest designer pieces that are available to rent from 1 day to 2 weeks, delivered straight to your door.